This is a simple but effective method of showing progress in a lesson.

Use the following questions
1. What do you know already?
Students write down some of the things they know ( or think they know) about this lesson.
2. What can you add to your learning, now that you have new information?
After looking at the new information, what have they learnt.
3. Having completed all the work, what do you know now?
Add the most important things they have learnt
4. What questions do you have now?
Students to come up with at least one question to further the learning.

These questions could be used to structure a whole lesson or a smaller learning cycle within a lesson

– A3 piece of paper with the 4 questions on, students add post it notes throughout the lesson. These could be laminated and then reused.
– A4 sheet as part of the lesson that students fill in.
– Planning a lesson using the questions as a scaffold.
– Use as record sheet for a series of lessons