looking for simple ways of showing progress ? ….

  • Traffic Light – Have set of three coloured pieces of card or paper on the desk of each student.  Red for ‘help I’m struggling’. Amber for ‘I’m ok but could do with some more help’.  Green for ‘I’m happy I know what I’m doing here’.
  • WWW + EBI  – Get the students to assess “What Went Well” in the lesson for them and to decide and “Even Better If”. (these could be used as exit cards from the lesson)
  • Thumbs – Similar idea to the traffic light but with thumbs up, middle and down to indicate their stage.
  • Don’t Tell – Hold back the lesson objective.  Tell them the tasks they will be doing in the lesson and get them to figure out the objective.  They can move on to deciding how they can be successful too.
  • Learning Triangle – 1 thing I already knew, 2 things I learnt today, 3 things I would like to find out next lesson.  Get them tiering up their learning, building on past learning and planning for future learning all in one little activity.
  • Mini Whiteboards – Simple as you like. Pose a question to check learning and ask them to write the answer on the mini whiteboards and hold it up to the front. A sea of answers. Immediately you can see where everyone is.
  • Question Box – A box in the classroom that can have questions popped in it at any point in the lesson.  The questions can be anonymous to avoid fear of asking and don’t even need to be shared with the class.  The teacher can check the questions box at various points in the lesson and allow a Q&A session to fill gaps in knowledge and to inform the lesson as it progresses

If you use any of thse and would to share wirth other staff please contact Toby or Danny. We will add

you as a Case Study if you like.