By inserting the connective of ‘ so that’’ in learning objectives there is a concrete way to communicate the relevance of learning. This is a useful way of combining the Learning Objective and the Learning outcome.


Below are some examples from Year 9 Geography unit on Ecological Footprints

  • Know that peoples use of resources create an Ecological Footprint so that we can calculate we can measure our impact  on the earth.
  • Understand that an Ecological Footprint is made up of land needed for Food, Housing, Transport, Waste Disposal so that we can identify how we impact on the planet.
  • Develop an awareness that our consumption habits influence our Ecological Footprints so that we can change our habits to save the planet.


Benefits of using the ‘so that’ connective

  • It forces you to think through the reasons why you have designed the learning in a particular way.
  • It makes the impact of learning explicit
  • Gives clarity about the purpose of the design and content of the lesson.
  • It provides a prompt for all learners to articulate why and what they are learning
  • It provides an opportunity to involve the learners in working out for themselves what the purpose of learning is.