Here are four things you could try to show progress in a lesson….

Incorporate a skills based lesson objective into your lesson

This is an easy way to show that students have moved on e.g. 4 figure grid reference, drawing a pie chart,

Use a starter that tests the lesson objective skill

This will show where students are at the start of the lesson and will make it easier to show progress.

Use Mini plenaries intermittently throughout the lesson.

These need to be highlighted to students so they know how well they are doing. This will also refocus students on the objective during the lessons and provides them with evidence to plan for further progress. Mini plenaries do not need to be a massive break in the lesson. For example, a Q and A session, use of mini whiteboards or thumbs up, thumbs middle or thumbs down.

A clear plenary allows the teacher to clearly see who has moved on and who needs more help.

This should form the basis of planning for the next lesson.

Primavera P6 progress line