Ideas to use in the classroom to stretch and challenge…

Remembering Understanding Applying Analysing Evaluating Creating
tell explain solve analyse judge create
describe interpret show distinguish select invent
relate restate use examine decide compose
write discuss illustrate compare justify predict
find distinguish construct contrast debate plan
identify predict complete investigate argue construct
recall translate change categorise recommend design
recognise compare classify identify prioritise imagine
reproduce describe interpret explain criticise propose
select summarise put together separate discuss devise
draw demonstrate manipulate take part weigh up formulate


  • Demand greater precision in Learners use of language, e.g. using specific vocabulary and terminology. Have  a Glossary for the teaching unit, get the students to tick when they have used the words in their work. At the end of the unit any unticked words can be incorporated into a piece of work
  • More is not always better – try restricting learners to a number of words/lines/minutes to encourage them to be more concise and precise in their explanations. i.e. students create a tweet of 120 characters.
  • Challenge the learners to think “outside the box” – i.e. in Geography this might be a “parallel example” or a “similar place” to the idea or concept they are studying.
  • Use learners as “experts” – various classroom activities lend themselves to encourage students to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills.For example, place them in “hot seating” and “Mastermind” type activities where they can be quizzed and challenged by their peers.
  • Provide opportunities for learners to work on projects allowing them to make their own choices. Try to move from teacher directed to learner directed. Letting go of the reins –
  • C3B4Me – use learners as a source of information for other students when they need help.