This short post looks at the importance of teachers discussing – with each other – the impact of their teaching on the progress and outcomes achieved by students within the class.

The post continues in the discussion over Hattie’s Visible Learning book. Within the book, Hattie suggests 43 key approaches to implement findings from his first book Visible Learning. The 43 key approaches are grouped in to:

  • Inspired and passionate teaching (1 to 5)
  • Planning (6 to 11)
  • Starting the lesson (12 to 23)
  • During the lesson: learning (24 to 32)
  • During the lesson: feedback (33 to 38)
  • The end of the lesson (39 to 42)
  • Mindframes (43)

This post is number 11 under ‘Planning’.

11 – Teachers talk with each other about the impact of their teaching

When planning a lesson or series of lessons, teachers often recognise the benefit of collaborating with another teacher in the department. Such collaboration might include discussing the best approach to deliver the content or the content itself.

However, how many of us discuss approaches after the lesson or unit of work?

It is important that teachers share their findings both across the subject and subjects within the school. Working together (after delivery of the lesson) might include:

  • Moderation of work – how did the students get on?
  • Moderation of teaching – how did I / you get on?
  • Sharing data / outcomes from the planned lesson(s) – how well did they achieve?
  • Data analysis and setting of targets thereof
  • Recognising your strengths and encouraging others to learn from you

Through teachers sharing their approaches, challenges and successes and through recognition that we can all develop from learning from others.

Perhaps at your next department meeting offer an approach to teaching that worked and seek support for an approach that didn’t.