Most marking is high effort, low impact. Students generally look mainly at the mark and take less notice of the comment made.

Another way of marking is Don’t write out comments.  Instead, get students  to write their own comments  out.

1. Choose  a number of things that you will feedback on  before you start marking ( 3 – 5 will be more than enough)

2. Look through the work adding an icon that represents the feedback you want to give

3.  At the start of the next lesson, write the targets on the board, students record down the comments that refer to them..

4. Students will value this  feedback  more and can take action on their target straight away.

5. This should also speed up your marking !

TRY …..

Save the comments in a Word document Over time this will build into a detailed record of feedback given. Share this with students so they can see how they are progressing