A checklist approach that can be used to check for differentiated learning in a classroom…

  • Pupils working independently
  • Pupils would be working in a variety of different ways.
  • The classroom would be organised in an appropriate way for the lesson.
  • Pupils may be working on a variety of tasks.
  • All the children would be involved and well-motivated.
  • Pupils would be on task.
  • The teacher would be free to move around the classroom.
  • Pupils would be involved in negotiating their work.
  • The children would present their outcomes in a variety of ways.
  • A variety of assessment techniques would be in use.
  • The teacher would adopt a variety of roles.
  • Co-operative learning would be taking place.
  • Appropriate texts and guides would be in use.
  • A range of resources would be in evidence.
  • Teachers’ planning and records would be on an individual basis.


Image taken from Wikimedia